Fight off puffiness and dark circles with this hydrating and relaxing eye mask. This BARBER PRO Super Eye Mask will be your skincare hero.

Barber Pro Super Eye Mask

SKU: 5500001
VAT Included
  • Benefits:

    • Hydrating
    • Cooling
    • Soothing

    Is the Super Eye Mask right for me?

    Yes, if your eye areas are in need of a little TLC, or you are looking to reduce tired-looking eyes, puffiness and dark circles.

    How is it different?

    Covering just the eye area, this intense Super Eye Mask has a number of benefits to the eye zone and beyond. 

    Packed full of natural ingredients, this Super Eye Mask is PETA Certified and will provide your eye zones with a soothing and hydrating treatment in just 20 minutes.

    It is enriched with superfood ingredients that will act as a highly rejuvenating formula for the eyes, leaving you and your eyes feeling deeply cooled and restored in just 20 minutes. The Perfect night partner in crime for a quiet night in. 

    Results Driven: 

    Results in just 20 minutes: With a powerhouse of natural ingredients, this mask leaves a revitalised appearance to the eye area.

    How to use:

    • Cleanse the area with tepid water and dry.
    • Remove mask from packaging.
    • Unfold and place over the eye zone area, using eye holes as a guide.
    • Relax for 20 minutes.
    • Remove and gently massage excess serum around the eye zone area.