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Natural clay of unique quality, obtained from volcanic ash, natural bentonite matte finish makes hair feel and look bulky and thicker, can be amplified using a hair dryer.


Perfect for all types of hairstyles, both elegant and sober as well as casual and fun, as well as providing your hair with an amazing fragrance and spectacular hairstyle, natural clay achieves a moisturizing and restoring effect on the hair and preventing dry scalp, is especially suitable for smooth hair but can also be applied to wavy or curly hair by accentuating their shapes.

The Bey Platinum Modeling Clay Matte Mud

SKU: 2500004
VAT Included
    • Professional quality natural clay
    • Matte finish
    • Container content 100 ml
    • Mind-blowing fragrance
    • For all types of hair
    • Included for your frizzy beard
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