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Hair grooming. It is a volumizing and toning spray that can be used as a pre-styling agent, useful for giving volume and preparing hair for styling.


Due to the vitamins and natural ingredients present in the formula. It contains pro-vitamin B5, keratin and atlantic algae extract, it acts deeply nourishes the hair without weighing it down and protects the hair from sun damage.


Thanks to its sprayable formulation, it is a very versatile product, easy to apply and can also be used alone to obtain a “clean look” with a soft and natural hold, without fixing the hair too much.


Prepare your hairstyle with our hair grooming hair tonic, with a fruity scent that you will love, a natural and vegan product. Suitable for all hair types, does not stick and does not tangle your hair.


Use it on dry or wet hair after drying it a little with the towel. Use the hair dryer to style and add volume.

The Bey Hair Grooming Spray

SKU: 2500008
VAT Included
    • Volumizing and toning spray.
    • Gives volume and prepares the hair for styling
    • Contains pro-vitamin B5, Keratin and Atlantic algae extract
    • Made in Spain
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